Signs Your Lymphatic System is Overloaded

Lymphatic Drainage Treatment

What it Does:

Good circulation / movement of the lymphatic system is critical to health. It is our second circulatory system, which is four times larger than our blood system and a major component to our immune system. Because it is responsible for ridding the body of all debris including fats, toxins, infection, bacteria and viruses, it ultimately represents the “flow of life”.  A healthy, always flowing system bolsters the body’s immune system, fights disease, and strengthens energy for daily life. However…

The Problem:

This system has a serious built-in limitation because it does not have a pump to keep things moving upwards against the force of gravity. It must rely on the physical movement of muscular contraction and respiration to get the lymph fluid moving upward. Good health habits such as reducing mental, emotional, and physical stress, eating a healthy diet, and being consistent with exercise can prevent the lymph system from becoming overloaded and sluggish, which make our bodies tired and toxic.

When toxins are not properly processed through the system, they will then back up and store in lymph nodes throughout the body. It can also negatively affect our appearance such has our skin clarity and vitality, cellulite, energy levels and overall wellness. When your lymphatic system is blocked or clogged, this creates a condition of stagnation which promotes fatigue and ill health where disease becomes more likely.

Correct maintenance and care of the lymphatic system is a major challenge in today’s hectic lifestyle. The good news is, there is an effective & affordable treatment…

The Treatment: Vibrational Movement & Detoxification

Step 1 begins with high frequency vibration. This technology creates movement and stimulation of the lymphatic vessels in a horizontal position (so that gravity is not resisting upward movement). This effect moves lymphatic fluid like nothing else known in the scientific world.

Step 2 involves the power of infrared sauna. Infrared heat penetrates deep into body tissues and engages the body’s detoxification and elimination processes by moving stagnant fluid and toxins out primarily through the skin.

The combination of vibrational movement and infrared heat is the most powerful therapeutic approach to improve the health of the lymph.

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$19.90 plus HST per session
(when you purchase a 10 session package at $199.99 plus HST)

It is recommended that you do 1 – 2 sessions per week