“It’s like you are reading my mind!”

Lindsay B.


“I didn’t think the results were accurate until I felt a shift about a 12 days later, my life is moving in a new direction.”

Amanda E.

What is Inergetix CoRe?

CoRe is used to scan your bio-field and detect areas of resonance or dissonance on the mental, emotional, or energy levels.  If left alone these dissonances can manifest as physical symptoms and psychological conflicts.

CoRe is beneficial for those who are seeking direction or understanding for:

  • Relationship Issues
  • Change of Career or Life Purpose
  • Blockages to Making Desired Changes
  • Best Solutions for Dis-ease
  • Identifying Areas of Imbalance on the Informational Level (- a level no other established modality is currently assessing) Before They Manifest as Physical Symptoms
  • Persons who can not connect with a practitioner in-person
  • Organ Balancing / Strengthening
  • Correct Negative Thought or Behavioural Patterns

Understanding Dis-Ease

Dis-ease is not simply the result of viruses, missing supplements, toxins or damaged organs.  All of those are possible physical representations (outcomes, results, symptoms) of the "true cause" which are "connections made on the informational level" that establishes our physical and energetic reality.

MRI, X-Ray, Lab Tests are all ways to view this physical reality that we can not see with our bare eyes - nevertheless they only show the physical reality. No "healer" can do what these tools can.  These tools diagnose physical reality and often make the patient believe that is their fate and they have no control over the outcome and can actually aggravate sickness.

This is what most people expect / want when they go to the doctor - a re-confirmation that they have a "real sickness" with a name.

CoRe does not provide any "diagnosis".  Remember physical symptoms are just a representation of the connections being made on your informational level.

There is a time and place for physical medicine.  Eg if you are so ill you need an organ transplant or you've been sick for so long you are truly nutrient deficient.  However, these are not causes of illness, they are the results you now have to deal with and treat while at the same time addressing the initial informational connections.

How is CoRe different?

CoRe works where established modalities have no influence - the informational matrix.

A holographic connection is made with you based on your name, date and location of birth, and photograph. Our world is holographic meaning every part  contains all other parts.  Everything is connected.  This is why you do not need to be "hooked up" to the software to perform a scan or send remedies.

Unlike low-tech versions of bioresonance such as dowsing or a pendulum, the computerized CoRe system can ask hundreds of questions within seconds rather than testing one single item at a time.

It can check any issue of interest to you eg imbalanced organs, emotions, pathogens, nutrition, areas in life you feel stuck.  CoRe searches through thousands of items to provide a reading with the items that are resonating the highest with you and creates a picture of the issue.  Resonant frequencies are then selected and transmitted to you to res-set or balance the system.

Distance Remedies

  • We send balancing treatments to you directly through our device, based on your needs.
  • It is possible to imprint remedies into water on your end, immediately.
  • No waiting for remedies in the mail.

How Long Does Treatment Last?

This is entirely dependent on the individual. The initial consultation is a 60 minutes private session followed by preparation of a report of findings. Each follow-up occurs every 4 weeks. Depending on the nature of the health issue(s) being addressed, successful treatment may require only a small handful of appointments, but some can take up to 1 or even 2 years of treatment in more complex cases.  This may seem like a long time to commit to a treatment, however, it is important to remember that we are not only treating symptoms, but also removing the underlying causes which created the condition in the first place.

What is a Healing Reaction?

A homeopathic healing reaction is usually experienced by the patient, on average, 12-15 days after taking the remedy. It is the body acting to restore balance after the remedy has expelled the blockage or trauma in question. The client may experience this as a discharge or temporary destabilization (such as runny nose, headache, more frequent urination, nausea, bowel movements, rash, etc.. or as emotional such as irritability, sadness/tears, dreams or urges to communicate realizations.) These are better out than in!

On occasion, the healing reaction itself may require an additional homeopathic remedy to mitigate a lengthy or intense reaction – contact your practitioner if you are experiencing a reaction that is not resolving on its own. Additional water intake, Epsom salt baths, infrared saunas, and lots of rest and easy to digest nutrition will go a long way in minimizing symptoms.


Fees for Inergetix CoRe Readings:

Initial Consultation with Full Inergetix CoRe Reading                                          $240.00

  • 1 Hour Private Session
    • Review of
      • Intake Forms
      • History
      • Goals of Session
  • Full Inergetix CoRe Reading
    • Baseline reading for overall picture behind your current state and
    • Direction to take moving forward
  • Written Report
  • 30 Day Remote Frequency Transmission

Follow Up Sessions                                                                                                  $99.00

  • Every 30 Days
  • Via Email
  • 30 Day Remote Frequency Transmission
  • (Optional 1 Hour Private Session, add $60)

Single Readings                                                                                                        $99.00

  • Insight into any single topic of your choice
  • 30 Day Remote Frequency Transmission
  • (Optional 1 Hour Private Session, add $60)

Topics not limited to, but can include: Relationships, Blocks to Desired Goals, Weight, Detox, Life Purpose, Business, Decision Making, even for your Children or Pets.

In-Person Quick Scan                                                                                               $60.00

  • 30-Minute Appointment
  • Quick scan of top resonances
  • Results transmitted to you energetically through the Bio LaesEr for 15 minutes
  • (Optional 30 Day Remote Frequency Transmission, add $30)

Email Acute Readings                                                                                               $40.00-$60.00

    • Clinical assessment and response
    • $ based on length and depth of response on a case by case basis
    • Email the following information to mandy@naturalhealthimprovementcentre.com:
      • Person to Be Read: Name, Birth Date, Birth City and Province/State, Photo
      • Optional Photo of any physical manifestations that relate to the issue you are inquiring about.
      • Paragraph of situation including symptoms and desired outcome
    • Good for acute issues like colds, flu, seasickness, unexpected emotional upset, etc..


Fees include all applicable taxes.

Any nutritional supplements suggested are extra and may be purchased from the Natural Health Improvement Centre or your local supplement store. Shipping and handling are extra.

Payment for each session is required in advance and is payable through e-transfer to mandy@naturalhealthimprovementcentre.com, cash, paypal, or credit card (VISA, MasterCard, American Express or Discover).

Coverage of Fees:

Services are covered by most health plans that include naturopathic and naturotherapist therapies. Please check with your provider for specific details of coverage.

Cancellation Policy:

For respect of our Practitioners and other Clients who are waiting for appointments, we require 24-hour notice if you are unable to keep your scheduled time, to reschedule or cancel. If you do not provide 24-hour notice you will be billed in full.