Nutrition Response Testing

System to analyze your body to determine the underlying cause of ill or non-optimum health. When corrected through safe, natural, nutritional means, the body has the ability to repair itself.

Designed Clinical Nutrition

Specific whole food supplements which give your body genuine building blocks so it can put out the fire and repair itself. Bringing you back to optimum health.

CoRe Inergetix

Technology that scans your energy field for points of imbalance from a distance that allows us to work with you over Skype, Email or Telephone. Readings for detox, relationships, invisible barriers, etc...


Whole Food Supplements

Specific whole food supplements that your body says it needs to repair itself.  Real, genuine building blocks.

Physica Energetix

Biotics Research



Dietary Habits

Good dietary habits are always encouraged. A variety of foods will help your body on its path back to health. We will work with your body to determine the optimal foods it needs and if necessary, any you should avoid.

toxicity symptoms

Infrared Sauna

Your Lymphatic System is critical for health and is responsible for ridding the body of:

  • fats
  • toxins
  • infections
  • bacteria & viruses

Assist your lymphatic system through T-Zone vibrational technology and infrared sauna.  Click here to learn more.

Next Steps...

Book today and find out if you are a candidate for Nutrition Response Testing.  If you are, we believe nothing will help you as much.  Get started today.