Our Approach

Rather than supressing symptoms with, for example drugs, we have a process to talk directly to your body to find out what the underlying causes of your symptoms are. This system is called Nutrition Response Testing.

With that knowledge we create a Designed Clinical Nutrition program that may include Diet Modification and Whole Food Supplementation.

There are only four practitioners of Nutrition Response Testing in Canada.  This system is truly helping people Regain Control of Their Health.

Get to the bottom of your symptoms: Pain, IBS, IBD, Reflux, Food Intolerances, Ulcer, Alleriges, etc.. and stop suffering.  It's time to take control so you can get back to looking after your life: work, family, passions.


Here to help you get your life back.

Consultations in person, over the phone, email or Skype as sometimes it is just impossible to leave the house.  We get it.

Get healthy, have energy, make better food choices, get back to work, look after your family, feel better and Do You.

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Mandy Dennis

Owner & Holistic Health Practitioner

Mandy's passion is helping people with digestive disorders.

 She lives in beautiful Darnley, PEI where she can see fields of crops, walk to red cliff beaches and can hear the fishing boats at dawn.  She lives to spend time with her partner, Matt (Lobster Fisherman) and two little boys (4 & 3) who dream to be fishing captains like their daddy.

Mandy helps with lobster fishing, enjoys growing organic vegetables, walking, and would live at the beach if possible!

Next Steps...

Book a Consultation Today to find out if Nutrition Response Testing can help you.  If you are a Nutrition Response Testing Case - it is our belief that nothing else will help you as much.